General Assembly (Council):

SHAPEthiopia’s General Assembly is the highest governing body of the organization. The primary duties of the GA are to amend and approve the organization’s by-laws, annual reports, and audit reports. General Assembly elects the members of the Board of Directors to act on behalf of the General Assembly between its meetings. General Assembly meets once-per-year.

Board of Directors (Management Board):

The SHAPEthiopia’s Board of Directors is the second-highest governing body of the organization and it is responsible for the formulation and approval of the organization’s major policies and the policy management of the organization in close collaboration with the Senior Management Team (SMT) of the SHAPEthiopia. The Board of Directors has five voting members (consists Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, two members). The SHAPEthiopia’s Executive Director is also the member of the Board (without vote) and acts as the Secretary of the Board. Board of Directors is currently chaired by a well-known priest in south Ethiopia, Fr. Fekadu Fako, and they meet at least four times per year.

Management and Staff:

Senior Management Team (SMT):

The SHAPEthiopia’s Senior Management Team is responsible for the overall strategy, direction, and management as well as the day-to-day activities of the organization. The SMT carries on the day-to-day activities of the organization, manages finances, and executes the organization’s policy and mission. It makes operational decisions, policies, and keeps the Board of Director educated and informed and brings well-documented recommendations and information to the BoD.

The SMT includes Executive Director, Program Operations Director, Director of Grants, Finance and Human Resource, Director of Communications and Donor Relations, Director of Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation, Director of Inspection and Audit, Director of Contract and Legal Service, and Director of ICT and Database.

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