Introductory and Awareness Creation training is given to staff.


The past two days were amazingly great times that our staff members at the head office and from the six Area Program Coordination Offices   participated on the introductory and awareness creation training which was conducted with the support of Consortium of Christian Relief and Development Association(CCRDA).

During the introductory session SHAPEthiopia’s  board of directors  were introduced to the new  staff members of the organization  by the Executive Director, Engineer Desalegn Daka ,and held a positive discussion with all the staff members. The half year performance report, the new development goal of the organization, the opportunities available in the country and the overall developmental as well as humanitarian activities of the organization were the agendas on the table for open discussion.

Father Fikadu Fako, Chairperson of the board, and his colleagues appreciated both the past achievements, the newly proposed development goal of SHAPEthiopia and the multi-dimensional progress it has been making. Father Fikadu said that he knows SHAPEthiopia from its infancy and what it have been doing in the past twelve years and he is  very excited to see the organization expanding its horizons of holistic support to reach more and more people every day.

His vice, Ato Samuel Wogaso, said that he is impressed by the organization’s management  philosophy and the way it uses the limited resource on hand effectively and efficiently to serve the most disadvantaged groups in the community; Orphans, Vulnerable children and Widows.

H.E. Tadios Lera, currently an active member of the Ethiopian parliament, is one of the board members of SHAPEthiopia. He urged that SHAPEthiopia should use the opportunity created in the country in connection with the newly revised proclamation of Civil Society Organizations which gave more space for civil societies to work on different thematic areas.

On the awareness creation session a training on labor proclamation of the country, Planning  reporting and effective communications is given to the staff by external professionals as well as specialists of the fields from SHAPEthiopia’s head office.

During all this time the participation of the staff on the training was very active and the ideas they raised for the betterment and progress of their organization were really supportive.

This introductory and awareness creation training was conducted with the financial support SHAPEthiopia has gained from the national umbrella organization, Consortium of Christian Relief and Development Association(CCRDA).And , SHAPEthiopia would like to thank them for the generous support!

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