administration has an area of 157.2sq.kms, divided in to 8 sub-cities and 32 Kebeles. These Eight sub-cities are Hayek Dare, Menehariya, Tabore, Misrak, Bahile Adarash, Addis Ketema, Hawela-Tula, and Mehal sub city.

SHAPEthiopia’s Hawassa H.O.P.E. Center is located in Tabor Sub-City and serves vulnerable children and their families in Tilte and Fara Kebeles/localities in the Sub-City. The Hawassa H.O.P.E. Center is a drop-in center where 150 children can come year round for fun activities, a hot meal, and educational tutoring.SHAPEthiopia along with our US-based partner, PWE, have launched a different model of sponsorship program for Hawassa H.O.P.E. Center. In this sponsorship model, we encourage sponsors to sponsor the entire Center rather than sponsoring a specific child.  

Do you want to be a World Changer? When you sponsor the Hawassa Center of H.O.P.E., you are changing the lives of 150 vulnerable children. It’s true! Millions of children in Ethiopia will never attend school. It’s hard for us to imagine since we live in a country where every child receives an education. That is why your monthly gift is crucial. As a sponsor, you are providing 150 children with the ability to attend school, receive a hot, nutritious lunch six days a week, have access to medical care, hygiene care, and the opportunity to learn how much God loves them. You change their life! As a sponsor, you will receive at least one update per year detailing how this program is changing the lives of so many children, along with our quarterly newsletter. Sponsors are always welcome to travel with us on our annual trip. Meeting these children in person is amazing! Every sponsor who comes will visit the project site and meet the children and many of their family members or caregivers.

Sponsor the Hawassa Center of H.O.P.E. today and you will transform the lives of 150 children!

To sponsor our Hawassa H.O.P.E. center through Partnres With Ethiopia, please visit their website at