Child and Youth Education is core to SHAPEthiopia’s philosophy of transformation and once a child is accepted into our program, SHAPEthiopia walks alongside the child, from kindergarten through vocational training or a university and onto job placement.

SHAPEthiopia’s Child and Youth Development Program is one of our three innovative development programs that impels a person out of the murky conditions of poverty, hunger, illiteracy, and disease infestation to a dignified, happy, healthy, and productive life. In our Child and Youth Development Program, once children are accepted into one of our H.O.P.E. Centers, SHAPEthiopia walks alongside the beneficiary children, from kindergarten through vocational training or a university and onto job placement, to build skills, character, and community.

SHAPEthiopia’s Child and Youth Development Program aims that every child in Ethiopia has a safe, healthy, happy and dignified childhood and the chance to reach their potential.


Over 600 children enjoy a hot nutritious meal six days a week through our School Feeding Program (SFP).

We distribute 30 kg of wheat and teff flour once a month to children’s families to share with their households.

We distribute over 12,000 exercise books and 25,000 pens and pencils to over 900 children in each academic year.

school uniformAbout 600 are provided with new school uniforms each academic year.

clothes and shoesWe proved brand new clothes and shoes to over 750 vulnerable children each year.

hygiene care materials Each Month Over 200 Sanitary Pads Distributed to Adolescent Girls.

general medical screeningGeneral Medical Screening Carried Out by Medical Doctors at Least Once Per Year.

our social workers visit the children's homes at least once in other week Our Social workers visit the children’s homes at least once in other week.

widows' empowerment program Over 650 Single Mothers are Economically Empowered and Provided with Trainings.

Vocational and Skills Training

Vocational Training

One of Our Youths Attending Vocational and Skills Training  Program in a TVET College in Halaba Kulito town.

Higher Education
/Youth Leadership Development Project/

Through this youth development program, SHAPEthiopia focuses on youngsters who are attending higher education in Universities and Colleges in the country. We provide the young persons with spend funds, materials like blankets and fellows to use in their dormitories.


To achieve these differences, SHAPEthiopia carries out two sub-programs in each H.O.P.E. Centers.

H.O.P.E. Child Development Program

H.O.P.E. is an acronym that stands for Helping Orphans Prosper through Education.

Through its H.O.P.E. Child Development Program, SHAPEthiopia aims to empower orphans and vulnerable children who are committed to academics but whose life circumstances put them at risk of not pursuing their education. The general objective of the program is to provide holistic support to the children to meet their basic needs, so that they can start and continue their education till they graduate from high schools.

Learn more about this program here.

Meserete Hiwot (Basis for Life) Fund

Meserete Hiwot (stands for Basis for Life in Amharic). As the name Meserete Hiwot (Basis for Life) indicates, our Meserete Hiwot Fund (MHF) is aimed at providing youth with skills, trainings, materials, and equipment that are necessary and basic to starting once own life in future. It is an after-school program for youth from age 19 to 22, and provides a series of activities that enhance the young person.

It provides career guidance, job readiness training, job placement and bursaries for further learning. It is a way of making sure that no-one falls through cracks after completing their high school education.

Learn more about this initiative here.