Assets such as farm animals and poultries are sources of food and income in rural Ethiopia. Chickens, sheep, and cows mean nutritious eggs, meat, milk and cheese for the family, and they are sources of income that can help to make the difference between crushing poverty and the family’s ability to work towards a better future. Livestock is a valuable asset for families, but a number of single women in Ethiopia cannot afford it. Through the Poultry and Livestock Development Program, a widow is entrusted with a cow, sheep and/or chickens, and she can immediately begin to provide foods rich in dairy product for her children. She also gets training and ongoing support from SHAPEthiopia on animal farming and husbandry skills. The concerned government body also provides her with vaccinations and vet care to ensure the best success of this project. As the widows begin to earn money, they make small repayments to the Livestock for Widows Fund so more widows can receive support in the future. From this project, about 100 widows have been benefited a cow and a sheep each.